Walakitang: Rebuilding the Church

IMG_7375We met with Pastor Victor and two church leaders in Managua this past week.  We had a great time discussing some of the great things happening there.  They recently had a teaching seminar on Biblical training, which is a great blessing for the pastors along the river.  It is so remote that getting good training is not always available to them.  Also, as the churches along the river grow under Victor’s leadership they have developed a “reunion de consejadores” (meeting of counsel) that gathers in different villages monthly to keep each accountable and give support in a variety of different needs that arise.  It was very encouraging to hear from them directly about how things are going with the church!

You may remember last spring when we posted about the outbreak of the “Crisi Siknis“.  It was an intense time in Walakitang.  You may remember our update as well.  After the prayers of many all over the world, that darkness was pushed back almost immediately in the name of Jesus!  We were able to catch up with Victor to hear more about the stories.  It was intense to hear about; family members digging up witchcraft jars buried under their homes, the witch doctor claiming victory, praying for specific church members whose family was affected, and then all of the destruction.  You may also remember the church building being ripped apart in the outbreak.

“I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”  – Jesus (Mt.16:18)

Well, in meeting with Victor we felt led by the Lord, that now is the time to rebuild the church building in Walakitang.  But this time with a concrete foundation and concrete walls.  It has been a long time dream to have a building with a solid foundation in Walakitang for the church to meet in.  The church has been making blocks there and already have nearly 1,000 made!  In the pictures below you can see the destruction.

We have a goal to raise $15,000 to rebuild the church in Walakitang.

Will you please pray for this project?  And if you would like to give towards the construction or can pass this story on to others who may want to help, it would be an incredible blessing to the people in Walakitang!  I know I speak for Pastor Victor and all  of the church members to say thank you for your prayers and your support.

Click here for giving information, just note “Walakitang” on your donation.

Thank you and God Bless from Nicaragua!

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