Club Esperanza: Classroom Partitions…

As we started the school year at Club Esperanza I knew we had a space issue.  As we have shared previously we have nine different classes in operation throughout the two school sessions each day.  But, we only have three classrooms.  In Nicaragua, one learns to just make it happen!  So, we planned to have a classroom meet in the dining hall.  But we needed partitions.  Well I was itching for a manual labor project, away from all the administrative and fundraising efforts…so I gave it a go!

I took a pile of wood and a few pieces of plywood…

…my finished product was just a basic partition but I had fun.  And it was cool when I took them to Club Esperanza because our teachers were super thankful, and actually a little surprised that I had made them LOL!

Here are a couple of our classrooms that are still in temporary space for 2018.

How can you help?

First, of all if you or a team of friends ever wanted to come down to Nicaragua and tackle one of these small projects that come up we would be super blessed by that.  Just email us and we can put something together.  It is fun because it isn’t just manual labor at Club Esperanza, there are nearly 300 kids who love to have visitors spend time with them and do cool things together.

Secondly, pray for the construction of our Education Building.  We are praying and hoping that this year we will be able to build a six classroom education building.  It will take a lot of funds and some good timing.  But, we feel the Lord’s leading in this!

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