Spring 2018 Newsletter


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Some specific ways to pray for us:

– For our family 

– For Club Esperanza to continue to be able to remain open and serve as Jesus’ light, love and peace to the 300 families we serve.

– For Fredder from Casa Robles (our boys rescue home) to have his F1 visa interview able to be scheduled at  the US Embassy which is only in limited operation.  Fredder was all set to live in Virginia this next year and go to High School with a and incredible sponsor family there before all the violence started.  It is such a huge life changing thing God has put together for Fredder and we want to be able to see it come all the way through.

-For our ministry financially.  All short term missions teams and intern programs have had to be cancelled for the summer.  Having the larger team of friends and supporters visit has always helped tremendously financially to keep Ministry centers open.  We pray the support will continue even though we are unable to receive visitors.

-Mostly importantly, we want to stay focused on the Kingdom of God as this “kingdom of man” we live in is buckling.   Eternal things are so much more important and we 100% believe that in the middle of this storm there are people here that will hear the Gospel and have their life changed by coming to know God personally.  There is nothing greater than that.  We are ready to be used by God in that way during this time.

Thank you again for all of your prayers!

Chris, Krista, Aliyah, Mason, Isabella and Juliette

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  1. Praying for you guys during this. Thankful that He has you where He has and praying you see Him move mountains during this time. Praying all of Nicaragua. May God’s will be done and the people in the nation lead this country to follow Him. Love you guys. Moe

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