Ol’ Man fell off the motorcycle…

I went on a ride with a group of guys out to Ruby Ranch on Thursday.  It was gonna be a fun day riding back roads out to the Ranch and then back home, but I had an accident on the first leg.  Our friend Jace was behind me and actually caught it on his GoPro, and when a young creative guy has the footage well…

This is actually what happened 🙂 😉 🙂 ….

Thankfully I didn’t knock myself out or have anything more serious.  But, unfortunately when you are about to turn 40 your body can’t handle the impact like it used to.  The end result for me is a shattered collar bone (insert crying emoji here hahaha!).

The bad news is that the bone is broken into four pieces and severely displaced (more than an inch).  Both of those factors are no bueno.  Nearly all collar bone fractures can be left to heal but with those two factors, my age and activity level the doctors recommend surgery.  And praise God that is something we are able to do here in country.


I am trying not to feel like a total bone head, and I really thank God it wasn’t worse.  We had a good meeting with the surgeon this morning.  He is an experienced orthopedic surgeon and works on a team with the pediatric surgeon who fixed Mason’s leg.  The plan is to schedule surgery for Monday.  We really appreciate your prayers for us.  Considering all that is happening in Nicaragua this isn’t something we want to also be dealing with, but at the same time we can Praise God in the middle of it and just keep pressing on with the Joy of the Lord in our hearts.  That joy is what sustains us, amen.

We do have a small national insurance policy that should cover 20% of the $4,500 total.  If you would like to help us personally in this way we would be very thankful for that.

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I hope the video at least made you laugh a little this Saturday!  And really thank you for your prayers for healing and for our family…that is the best thing we always love from all of you who support us!  Amen.

UPDATE:  Thank you all so much for your prayers, concern and support….Praise Jesus surgery was a success and today I am feeling soooooo much better!

Post Surgery
New Bionic Hardware!
Post Op
Post Op – No Infection!

Thank you everyone again so much for caring about our family and for me personally.  I hope to be back in full action again soon, I am sooooo blessed by Krista!  It’s tough to just sit and not be able to do stuff, she is so patient and takes loving care of me while doing EVERYTHING else!  I love you Krista! 🙂  

Love from Nicaragua!  -Chachi

Ok, so only in Nicaragua does the surgeon share photos with you of the surgery…or maybe that happens everywhere, I have never had surgery.  If you think it is cool to see medical procedures and can stomach it, the link below has the image…just for the curious ones, you may be mad at me once you click it hahaha.

Operation Photo  (Warning: Graphic)

Operation Photo

3 Comments on “Ol’ Man fell off the motorcycle…

  1. So sorry to hear!! I broke my arm this week. Must be something in the air! Mine is not as major as yours though. No surgery required. We will pray for you as well as continue to pray for Nicaragua. I hear things are not getting better.

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    Open Hearts Nicaragua – Farringt

  2. I am thankful your surgery went well and you are on the mend. I love the video 🤣 The picture was graphic – you warned us! Continued prayers for you and the family 🙏🏻

  3. Praying for a speedy recovery for you!! Also for God’s abundant provision for you, your family, and Nicaragua. He is working and moving in hearts and lives through it all!
    We love you!

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