First delivery of “Emergency Packs”


We have delivered the first round of 40 “Emergency Provision Packs“.  It was an incredible blessing to everyone that received one…Thank you to everyone who donated!  We plan to do another round of 40 soon, so if you thought about donating a pack but haven’t yet, please do!  Lets keep the blessings going…


Emergency Provision Pack

Provide two weeks worth of food for a family of six in the event of a food shortage.


“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  Psalm 46:1


Our first delivery was with our teachers and staff from Club Esperanza.  Unfortunately we were unable to deliver such a large number of packs to the Club because of the circumstances in the country and the surrounding neighborhood.  But we gathered at our director’s house for the first delivery and they sent the message above!  We had a great time together and everyone shared specific words of thanks, then we prayed together for Nicaragua.  We are asking God to do a miracle…as quickly as the country has descended into crisis, we are asking God to end it just as quickly!


Some of our teachers live in neighborhoods that are in different locations around Managua so we made delivery’s to their homes.  One of our teachers, Profesora Julia lives an hour outside of Managua!  She comes to teach everyday and is an incredible light into the lives of our students.  We met with her at another teacher’s home in Managua because they were doing a project together during summer break.  Some of the homes were a little tough to get to as you can see in the picture above….Mason was safety supervisor to cross the bridge 🙂


Our last delivery was to the staff that many of you know from staying  with us during your visit to Nicaragua.  The guys were so so so thankful!  It was funny, these boxes are sooooo full, that they weigh about 100 lbs!  We had to use trucks and wheelbarrows to transport them LOL!  A couple guys said “I got it, don’t need help”, then they almost fell over trying to carry it alone!  It was a fun time together in the middle of a very difficult period of history for Nicaragua.

Please keep praying for Nicaragua.  The situation here has gotten worse.  We have to use discretion in sharing news publicly, but please don’t forget about what is going on here.  Here are a few recent articles to keep up with the news.  NYT, BBC, ABC, Amnesty International, The Sun, Time …a quick google search will get lots of results.

We are keeping safe and continuing to serve the Lord.  Thank you for all of your prayer and financial support to our family as well!

Chris & Krista Farrington

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