Happy New Year!

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We hope that you and your family have a wonderful and blessed New Year!

This is our prayer card that we mailed out this year and we hope it gets on lots of our friends and families refrigerators 🙂  We really do love and appreciate the support for our family as missionaries here in Nicaragua and to know that hundreds of people who love us are praying for us is the greatest encouragement we could ask for!  Amen.

If you would like to get one send your address to us at losfarringtons@gmail.com and we will send one from Nicaragua.  We can also add you to our mailing list if you would like receive our newsletter in the mail.  I know there are digital “refrigerators” too, and so we hope this digital version of the card will point your prayers in our direction too!

We also like to put pictures of friends on our fridge, so if you have some Christmas cards left over we would love to get one in the mail down here.  You can mail it to…

Los Farringtons

Apartado Postal MJ43

Managua, Nicaragua Central America

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