Club Esperanza: First Day of School!!!

Here we are approaching the end of February and today I realized we never blogged about the first day of school!  There was so much anticipation and we had all of the rushing around getting things ready, purchasing desks, all the “little projects“, etc etc…  Today I was looking back at my phone and found this fun picture from the first day of school!  We did do a Facebook Live video the first day which you can view by clicking here on The Facebook…


What better way to share about the first day of school than to do it in pictures!  We were down at the club with our families on the first day to celebrate all of the fun.  Thank you to Kristen Ohran for capturing so many awesome moments with all of the cute kiddos!  It was a day of excitement and of course a few crying preschoolers being dropped off for the first time…but all in all it was ¡Muy Excelente!

The first few weeks have been going very well and we are so thankful for all of your support and prayers for the beginning of the year.  We are filled to full capacity and are actually wondering how we are going to feed everyone.  We had budgeted for 270 children and our attendance ballooned to well over 300 kids.  We trust Jesus with this and I always reflect on the moment when thousands had gathered before Christ and the disciples were clamoring because everyone was hungry.  Jesus told His disciples “You give them something to eat” (Mark 6:37).  And miraculously over five thousand were fed.  And so everyday we are feeding everyone who comes to Club Esperanza!

If you would like to help financially to feed our kids we are able to feed them with $9 a month per child.  Our budget shortfall is $378 a month, enough to feed the extra 42 kids who enrolled this month.  You can help us close that gap by donating by check or using paypal below…thank you!

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I think I shared this previously, but a fun development this year is that Krista’s little sisters Hazel, Johanna and Lola are all working at the Club as teacher’s assistants in the classrooms.  Sheyla, who is our director, heaps praise on them and tells us how much of a HUGE help they are every time we see her.  This is a pretty fun time for all of them.  It is a first “job.”  It is a step out in ministry independently on their own by themselves everyday.  It is an awesome way to serve Jesus even when it is incredibly hot and uncomfortable!  So when you pray for the club pray for them too, that the Lord would use them in specific helpful and powerful ways!  They are awesome girls!

It is going to be a great 2019.  As the country works its way through this ongoing horrible political strife under a floundering dictatorship, we continue to seek God’s purposes in the middle of it all.  We are 100% sure that His purposes are unfolding everyday at Club Esperanza in the lives of the children and families we serve!

Our family had fun on the first day of class too, so I thought I would close out our little blog post with some fun family pictures from the day.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

Chris & Krista


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