Farrington Newsletter: Fall 2o2o

We hope you have some time today to check out our newest newsletter…

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Thank you and God Bless the end of 2020!!!

Chris & Krista Farrington

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A BONUS “PRAISE JESUS” REPORT: As we were working on this newsletter and sent it out for print, we got some awesome news from Doña Uvaldina. She has been cooking meals for over a decade at our school. Last year she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Her treatment was very difficult. She always tried to come to work in the middle of it, but it got to a point that we had to tell her to stay home and rest. We told her not to worry that we were with her. She loves cooking for everyone so much she just wanted to keep fighting through it! We were in constant prayer for her.

She returned to work last month because she was getting her energy back after treatment. This Monday she stopped me at Club Esperanza. She had great news to share…her doctors told her she is cancer free! Amen and praise the Lord!!! How awesome is that?!?

Cancer is a devastating heartbreaker. So many of us have gone through the loss of loved ones because of it. So, today we wanted to celebrate these victories! Please keep praying for Angelica (pictured in our newsletter) and Uvaldina (pictured in the center below) as they live their lives as cancer survivors. Amen.

For those of you we know and love who are battling cancer and have suffered loss, please know that we pray for you as often as we think of you.

As I remember a friend we recently lost to cancer and I know many others have lost loved ones too, we hope you might visit The American Cancer Society at cancer.org to read about the ways the medical community is fighting cancer and to donate to the efforts being made to find cures.

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