Club Esperanza: What does Ileana’s Schol mean to you?

Our friends at Love Light and Melody had a wonderful idea of integrating art into the lives of our students at Ileana’s School here at Club Esperanza. To read the full story of Ileana and the school that is named after her in a spirit of Hope for the future click here.

We asked all of our elementary students if they wanted to participate in an art contest during their free time…Almost half of them said yes!

To get each student to think in the abstract and transition their thoughts to art, we asked them the simple question, “What does Ileana’s School mean to you?” As they reflected on that question, we encouraged them to take that thought and paint it! Look at all the sweet results…

We are going to award prizes in the coming week…who do you think had the best painting? Let us know in the comments or on social media. We love them all and love to see what God has impressed on each of our students hearts when they think about their school.

We hope these pictures made you smile today!

Please keep us all in your daily prayers, we really appreciate all of your support for Club Esperanza and all the awesome God glorifying things that happen here on a daily basis!



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