Fall ’21 Family Update…

We just want to tell all of you how much we love and appreciate your prayers and support for our family. The past few months have actually been very hard. We have lost very close friends and co-workers to Covid. We have never experienced so much loss of life in such a short period of time. Adding to that is the unstable situation in country here, being sick ourselves and just so many uncertainties. But God has been with us and comforted us through it all…and really we only mention those things to say thank you. We thank God for blessing us with all of you who have reached out, offered your prayers and supported us so well in this time! We feel God with us and are so thankful for that!

We wanted to take a little blog space to share pictures and updates on our little familia…to let you everyone know we are doing ok. Praise the Lord!

In September Mason turned 14 years old! We had a really fun birthday…Bacon for breakfast then a fireworks war after dinner and cake! What more could a boy ask for LOL! Mason is such a great guy and is becoming such a wonderful young man. He loves playing soccer with his club team Chiquilistagua FC, he gets his school work done on time, hunts down pests around our the Quinta with his pellet gun and is always willing to help whenever anything is needed. Anytime he sees his momma doing dishes he walks up to her and offers to take over….what a guy!!! A great example for his dad :-). We are very thankful for him and are blessed by his life!

Aliyah and Mason both have been wonderful teenagers! Krista and I know it is always possible for that to all go sideways one day, but we hope and pray it never does….amen! They have lots of fun together as the older two siblings, watching too many movies, playing too many video games hahahaha, but also getting outside and kicking the ball around. Aliyah is working into those upper levels of high school and is merging into taking online courses combined with her bookwork here at home. She joined the varsity girls soccer team at NCA, which is a high school down the street. They have been winning some and losing some, but it has been an all around excellent experience!

Old man turned 43 years old in October. Krista and the kids took me out to breakfast and gave me the best gift I could have asked for! We are limited right now because we can’t plan ahead and send things down with friends coming to visit like we used to. So when Krista handed me a box, I was thinking what on earth could they have gotten me. The box was filled with forty-three different notes from each of them telling of a way I was special to them…I am still not sure how they came up with that many hahaha! I loved it so very much and managed to hold it together and not cry too much out in public. I just loved being able to be with them all on my birthday. Krista and I both know that time is marching on and these special moments won’t last forever so we are definitely taking full advantage of them! God has been very good to me, I don’t take it for granted…every day is a reminder of the gift of life. I am thankful and I am blessed.

Just this month in November we celebrated Isabella’s 12th birthday! She reminded us last night at dinner time that since she is twelve now, she should definitely be allowed stay up a little later than Juliette. It made me laugh so hard because I always remember begging to be allowed to stay up a little later than Uncle Matt just like Tia Kim got to stay up later than me….it never happened. The trials of being a middle child! Oh but Isabella is such a sweet young lady and she is so funny and thoughtful. We all love it when she is telling stories at dinner time, especially when she find the story so funny that she starts laughing…her laughter is so contagious we all just start laughing too, even if we weren’t listening to the story! Bella is doing great with her schooling and recently signed up for cheerleading at the school just down the highway from us. Nicaraguan Christian Academy has been such a blessing to us as homeschoolers. They open up all their sports activities and other youth activities to us…it is a huge blessing. Isabella loved the dance class she got to do last semester, so we are sure cheerleading will be just as fun!

When she isn’t doing school, Bella and Juliette are lost in some game they are playing together in their room. They set up entire worlds with their horses and barns and get lost in it for hours. For Bellas birthday we spent the entire day out at Ruby Ranch. We had so much fun riding horses, playing four square and sliding down the slide…we had such a good time that we never even left the main area for a hike. We even did s’mores on a big bonfire and the girls took night time horseback rides. Ruby Ranch is such an awesome place and we really can’t wait until things return to normal and we can start doing camps out there again…but for now, we took special privileges and had Bella’s birthday party there. It was so much fun!

(Uncle Brinson and Mr. Todd are finishing up the bathrooms and the second dorm this week, so it will be ready to roll with teams and campers soon….amen!!! You can keep up with progress of Ruby Ranch on the website and on facebook…and come down as soon as you can to join the fun and bless some Nicaraguan children with the experience of their lifetime!)

Thank you all so much for praying for us and blessing our family with your support!

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God Bless from Nicaragua and we hope to see you all down here again soon!

Love, The Farrington Family


“I have told you these things so that in me you will have peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take heart for I have overcome the world!” -Jesus (John 16:33)


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  1. So wonderful to see your family growing!! Such exciting times!! Miss seeing you all

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