Ruby Ranch: Weekend Camps!!!

We have great news….camps have begun at Ruby Ranch! After months of hard work Brinson and Todd have reached the place where we can now have sleep over camps at Ruby Ranch!!!

Have you ever been to camp? For me it is one of the most important times of my life. I got saved at Camp University when I was thirteen years old…100% the best moment of my life! There is so much adventure, so much time for God to speak into our lives, time for fun, time for friendships, time for all kinds of awesomeness…AT CAMP! A few weeks ago was the first camp of the year with leadership and youth from Verbo Church here in Nicaragua.

Brinson was just telling us the other night how Isaac had tears in his eyes as he left camp expressing how grateful he was for the time they had, and how impacted he was by Mr. Buzbee’s prayers and teaching. Isaac is the leader of the group, so just imagine how God impacted everyone else!!!

Our goal for this year is to do as many camps as possible. Two dorms are complete, the bathrooms are complete and so we can handle 40-50 people for three day two night camps. We will be doing these camps on a national level and already have several churches and organizations in country that are making plans. So please be in prayer for this awesome season we are entering into at Ruby Ranch!

If you are interested in donating to help make weekend camps happen that would be awesome! You can sponsor a camper ($40) or you can sponsor an entire weekend camp ($1,600)…this would be a huge huge huge blessing! Nicaragua is still one of the poorest countries in our hemisphere and sometimes that cost can be difficult to come up with. So, if you wanted to join with us in that way, Praise the Lord.

Click here for the link to Donate to sponsor a camper…or a full camp!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Ruby Ranch. It is all of our hope that one simple thing happens at every single camp…a life is changed and drawn closer to Jesus! Amen.

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