Ruby Ranch: Camps are happening!

We wanted to share an update on weekend camps that have been going on out at Ruby Ranch. You may remember we shared this post in the Spring about the exciting new possibilities with the construction of two bunk houses. Well it has been six months full of camps and Praise Jesus it has been outstanding! Brinson and Todd have been in a constant rhythm of hosting and facilitating at the Ranch.

It is a strong burden we have to make Ruby Ranch available to local ministries, and sponsoring camps is an amazing way for us to join supporters who may not be able to be on the ground here in Nicaragua with local churches that are leading people into a personal relationship with Jesus!

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Over the last few months we have hosted youth groups from local churches in Managua, local women’s ministries, churches from the southern region of Nicaragua and the North, as well at the entire leadership of Verbo Church…God is moving in people’s hearts and we are so blessed to be a part of that, and hope you are encouraged as well. There is so much fun to be had a Ruby ranch with hiking trails, sports fields, the water slide, soccer pitch, trampolines, etc… So, when the groups come and are able to spend two nights with their friends it becomes such an incredible time to go deeper in relationship with one another.

One of most important parts of the retreats is making it an environment where God’s Holy Spirit is free to move in the lives of everyone who comes. Each church uses this setting to go deeper into Bible study and discipleship and also to share the Gospel to some who have received Christ into their lives for the first time and get baptized at the bottom of the slide! Such great things.

An incredible part of camps for our family, is the opportunity to go out to the camps and have a very specific time of prayer and prophecy over the campers. (1 Corinthinans 10-12) As a team we end up praying over so many people young and old, leaders and members, pastors and elders. It has been a great opportunity for all of us at Open Hearts to pour out into people through prayer. It is just an awesome way to serve and be used by the Lord…God is moving in great ways! Amen.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support! We love and appreciate you!

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