Ruby Ranch: Houston we have a water problem…

There is a pretty commonly held refrain, “Water is life”. That is 1000% true, especially this time of year in Nicaragua when it is a million degrees, hasn’t rained in months and pretty much everything is dry and covered in dirt. But even more than that, at Ruby Ranch water is fun!!!

Sooooo we have a bit of an emergency. The 160 foot well of life and fun was acting up and needing some attention. Upon deeper inspection, there was some serious work to be done. Replacing old pipes, installing check valves, pulling the pump, all this on top of the routine maintenance.

Total Repair Cost: $3,059

We need your help…this was totally unexpected, and there is a camp planned for this weekend! Work has already started in faith…because as we said above Water is so important! So we pulled the trigger even tho we don’t have the money.

God is our great provider and if you feel a stirring to help turn the water back on at Ruby Ranch, we will be so blessed to have your help!!! Please Donate here if you can or use a button below!

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