Summer Adventure for our Kiddos…

Aliyah and Mason will be spending this summer in the good ol’ United States of America. I just got home from our adventure for the big drop off while Krista kept the home front in Nicaragua under control with Isabella and Juliette. It was a great trip together, but you all must know that our daddy and mommy hearts are pretty sad to do this for the first time. Saying goodbye for two month was a little emotional for both of us, but we know God has so much in store for them! Will you please keep our babies in your prayers this summer…ask God to keep them safe, but also give them great times and great memories!

Aliyah will be spending the summer at Mt. Gilead Camp in Pennsylvania. The Directors of the camp are long time friends who lived in Nicaragua for a number of years directing Campo Alegria. The Todd family is so wonderful, just great people. When we were with them at a wedding last summer they invited Aliyah to come up and work for the summer. She is really excited to have as summer job at a place she loves (she went to camp there two years ago). She will be working in the Kitchen all summer and we have already laughed about how amazing America is…she can make 100 cookies at once, or butter 200 hundred grilled cheeses with a roller…then put all the dirty dishes in a big box, pull a handle and they are clean like magic!!! She will be working six different week long camp sessions, so she will also have the time to be used by God to bless campers as they come through. We are very proud of the young woman she has become!

Mason will be spending the summer as a camper at Chop Point Camp in Maine. The Willards and Wilkinsons are long time friends in Nicaragua, they are the founders of Campo Alegria. When they were visiting us here in Nicaragua this past Spring they invited Mason up to camp. We talked about it, prayed about it and pulled the trigger…such a generous offer by them, and a cool adventure for Mason. Our boy is only 15 and seeing him off on an adventure is a big deal for us. We are so excited for him, he makes us so proud. As he grows taller and taller and bigger and bigger, we are excited to think about what God has in store for him. An adventure camp on the waters in Maine is right up his ally and he is gonna learn so many new things, like wind surfing and wake boarding! Along with new friends and moments with the Lord!

Aliyah is turning 18 this coming week on July 5th!!! This was probably one of the sadder things to think about, to not be together on her big birthday. But you know her momma and gramma wouldn’t let her leave without a big party…so we celebrated together before she left. We also had a fun little cake and cookies with Mema in Miami as we passed through on the way up to Pennsylvania.

Aliyah’s email address is if you would like to send her a message. I’m sure she would love to have her inbox flooded with birthday messages! We also set her up with US banking while home so if you wanted to send her a little 18th birthday gift, she has Zelle with that same email address. Aliyah is such a blessing…we are very proud of her…Happy Birthday Aliyah!!!

Mason and I got to have a fun Father and Son adventure as we drove up to Maine! Road tripping is always fun and we may have watched the movie Flaming Hot while we drove and laughed together (I only listened…audio only!!!). We stopped in Boston and explored the city on the Freedom Trail which was so cool. We took mommy and the girls with us by taking a photo at every important site along the trail….and we may have talked a little smack as we passed the Arena where the Celtics and Bruins play. Go Heat, Go Panthers! God gave us some great memories together…I love my boy!

Aliyah and Mason will be coming home with Mema at the end of the summer…we look forward to that, having Mema in Nicaragua! Mason will be spending the last couple weeks of the summer with his cousins in North Carolina and Florida…so if you see him around don’t be confused!

It was such a special trip dropping them off. We are so thankful to family and friends who love on us and care for us along the way, having us in your homes and blessing us on our journeys! We even remembered to take selfies a few times…and forgot so many more times!

Please keep our babies in your prayers…love you fam, love you friends!

Chris & Krista Farrington

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  1. Happy birthday Aliyah!! I’ll just tell you now, so I don’t forget. I can’t believe you’re (almost) 18! Awesome!

    You must have really old parents! 😂 


    div>Hey- y’all should come out to work

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