Club Esperanza: Celebrations…

The month of September in Nicaragua is a month full of celebrations! We are so proud of all of our students and teachers as they go all out to join in the National Parades and Fiestas. If you knew where these kids come from…wow what a great great work the Lord has going on at Club Esperanza!!!

Nicaraguan Independence Day…our kiddos went out into the national parades and celebrated being Nicaraguan. These parades are held all over the nation in every neighborhood, and our kiddos from Club Esperanza took the lead in our neighborhood!

¡Día de Maíz!…just this past week there was a national celebration of corn! Yes I know it sounds corny ;-)…but this gives our kids a great time to celebrate and learn about some of the national culture in the more rural areas of Nicaragua. Farming culture keeps nations going all around the world, and it is worth celebrating.

Dia de La Biblia…last but certainly not least we celebrated Bible Day at the Club! The Word of God is a light to our paths and daily bread to keep us nourished spiritually. Our ministry is guided by Biblical principles and on this day the Bible came to life in classrooms! Look at all of these sweet kids, can you tell which characters they are?

We so thankful for all God is doing at the Clubs, hundreds of children are safe every day, excellent education in a very difficult neighborhood, thousands of meals a week, medical care, care for the elderly, programs for children with special needs, sports and lots and lots of Jesus!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

We are entering the final quarter and are short of meeting our annual fundraising.

We are lacking $16,400 to finish this school year.

If the Lord would move you to DONATE (click here for info) please do so as soon as you can! Please email us if you would like to become a consistent partner with Club Esperanza…

God Bless from the beautiful land of Nicaragua!

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