Fall Farrington Family Update…

We definitely have to start our little family update with this picture…Aliyah and Isabella lifted the championship trophy with the NCA Eagles in the annual Copa Bautista!!! The Lady Eagles hadn’t won a trophy in five years so they were so excited to play a part! Aliyah has been cemented as a starter at the right wing back position all season, and Isabella has gotten some solid substitute minutes as one of the youngest players on the team. For Aliyah this was her senior season, so it made it all the more special to bring home the trophy!!!

We are so very proud of Aliyah and want to let all of our friends and family who have watched her grow up over these years…she will be GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL IN DECEMBER!!! Krista and I are still trying to figure out what you are supposed to do as a parent in this part of life, but we are so very proud of the young woman Aliyah has become and is still becoming. Keep an eye out for graduation announcements as we approach the end of the year!

We have had some birthdays over the last couple of months. Mason turned 16 years old in September. He is cranking through his Sophomore year of high school in the Farrington Family Home School Classrooms! He has also been starting on the NCA Varsity Men’s Soccer Team and his Club team Chiqui FC…he has a knack for tracking down players that get past him, never giving up on a play. Mason is a hard worker and pushes himself to be great at whatever he is doing. We are so proud of him and love watching him grow in the Lord.

We will only provide a picture below, but the old man in the house turned 45 in October. I find myself holding things a little bit further away to be able to read them, but I am trying to take on getting old with as much grace as possible. I definitely have nothing to complain about and always wanna say “Thank you Jesus!” for the many blessings in my life.

Isabella has a birthday as well…it is tomorrow, so wish her a happy birthday if you think of it! She will be 14 years old. She and Juliette are both doing great with their daily school routines and taking care of their puppy! They both have so much talent and are full of the good sweet things of God, so we enjoy being there parents and guiding them as they grow.

We may have already put this up on the social medias in different places. But we have to put the girls new puppy here on our blog. Mema visited earlier in the fall and we had such a wonderful visit with her. It is such a joy to live close enough to be able to have family visit…getting two whole weeks with Mema was a huge blessing for us. The highlight of that visit was Isabella getting her new puppy. We have never been huge pet people, or the types that have dogs in the home. But the girls’ dream finally came true! We searched for a week or so until we found him…this is Sarge, and he is gonna be a very loved puppy!

Well that is a little update on our family happenings. Our life in ministry is always on going and we love all of the things the Lord has called us to invest in here in Nicaragua. Krista and I both covet more than anything your prayers and support for our family. There is always need for health and healing and encouragement and endurance…so thank you! God is with us and we are so blessed that you are too!!!

“May The LORD bless you and keep you; may the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; may the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.” -Numbers 6:24-26

Christopher & Krista Farrington

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  1. Loved the family update, and congratulations on the soccer victories. I really enjoyed reading this and Happy Birthday to you too! 45 is such a great age.

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