A Playground in Los Brasiles…

We all know that the language of children is FUN!!! If you don’t know that already…well this is your first lesson in the language of children LOL! This past week we had some exciting activity going on out in Los Brasiles. We partnered with amazing friends at Feed The Hungry and Kids Around the World to bring an amazing American style playground to Club Cristiana Los Brasiles.

We have hundreds of children coming to our Kids Club in Los Brasiles everyday and they all love to run around and have fun…we have always made due with what we can get locally but the availability of getting this kind of playground in country was just not possible for us. But God has bigger plans!

It took a great group of friends starting with disassembling and organizing the playground from its original site in the United States. Then the playground needed to be shipped in an organized fashion so it could be reassembled in Nicaragua. Then shipping it across the open seas to get it here and getting it through customs with all the paperwork in order. Then it was delivering it to the site and prepping the site….and then finally amazing group of men and women who came down to install!!!

There is a special thank you that we want to make to the Heines family. This playground was their Zaza Project for the year 2023. The Zaza Project is their very special way to honor the memory of their daughter Zaza who passed away. Every year their family picks a project to do around the world in her memory. I cannot think of anything more special than blessing an entire community of little kids with the joy of a new playground…there will be tons of laughter for decades to come in Los Brasiles…Praise Jesus! They put together a sweet video of the playground build which I hope you can watch below, but if not just click this link.

For our family this trip was also soooo exciting because Uncle Coburn came down to lead the project and brought some of the cousins with him! Everyone said that Cobbie worked just as hard if not harder than his Dad on the project. Uncle Chachi was trying to teach them all how to be supervisors hahahaha. We love when we get to spend time with family and cousins so this was an added bonus for us all! Another bonus was getting ice cream with Uncle Coburn after the playground dedication!

We praise the Lord for all the awesome things we get to be a part of here in Nicaragua!!!

What will happen next week? Only God knows!

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  1. Hey Chachi, I love this story! Please let your friends in the Heines family know that if they are looking for a place to do a similar Zaza project in 2024, we have the perfect spot in Tegucigulpa outside the family life center we are building there.

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