We are having a baby!!!

We are excited to announce we are waiting on baby number four to come our way.  Last week we went to the doctor and everything looks fine.  This time we waited a little longer and it was so funny because the baby was already bigger and moving….Chris was all shocked because he was expecting to see a lima bean!!! hahahaha.  The doctors said that everything looked good and normal, so we are very grateful!

The due date is March 22nd.  Krista is doing well and we love and appreciate all of your prayers!!!!  Here are some pictures of the ultrasound….you can see the baby in there, his/her head is on the right side….Isabella had fun looking at the baby!

3 Comments on “We are having a baby!!!

  1. YAY!!! Congrats!!! Guess you guys better get busy with the house…jejejeje 🙂

  2. The Elmers are so excited for you!!!! WOW FOUR! YAY!!!! You make beautiful babies so keep at it! 😉

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