Who is God?

God is Savior.

In his book “Has Christianity Failed You?”, Ravi Zacharias posits what a difference it would make if God was not Savior….this resonated with me.

“Without a Savior, there is no one to save you from yourself, no one who knows you completely yet loves you unconditionally.  There is no one to guide you through the deep waters and rough seas of life, no one to give you strenghth and courage to meet each day and face each disappointment, no assurance of an advocate who will plead your cause, no faith to believe that justice for you will ulimately be accomplished.  there is no one to welcome you home at the end of life, to open their arms to you and say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’  Life is meanigless and purposeless, the monotony of the moments scratched out every day from the poor soil of existence and ending with no hope of a future.”

I have faith, hope and love…most significantly Love as Paul writes, because I have a Savior.  I will be welcomed home at the end of life by my Savior.

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