This is Casa Robles…

“y a confortar a los dolientes de Sión.
   Me ha enviado a darles una corona
      en vez de cenizas,
   aceite de alegría
      en vez de luto,
   traje de fiesta
      en vez de espíritu de desaliento.
   Serán llamados ROBLES de justicia,
      plantío del Señor, para mostrar su gloria.”

Isaías 61:3

I was just looking through pictures for our next newsletter and found this folder of awesome black and white pictures that a friend Lily took while she was living down here interning at Casa Havilah.  They are great…thanks Lily!  Here are Luisa, Angel, Andrew, Denis, Kener, Heyler, Fredder & Marcos….along with Angelica and her husband Yuri, the house parents who care for these children as they would there own….sweet pictures!

(if you click a thumbnail you can see the picture full size)

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