Colegio Esperanza: Trash Water…

School has started at Colegio Esperanza.  We have over 300 students registered again for class this year.  We look forward to a great year….and we need all the help we can get!  Please be in prayer for this school year!

     We got some great help this last week!  Being as Colegio Esperanza serves over 300 people a day it is important that the water at the school is clean, which might seem impossible since the school is in the community of La Chureca which is in fact the city dump…..NOT SO!  It is not impossible and today we have clean water thanks to Colin & Josh from

     These guys came down for a few days and installed a state of the art filtration and ultraviolet zapping water system for the school…..which I have zero clue about.  Thankfully these guys do, and they spent last Saturday installing it.  In the test they ran on our water prior to the system, we were on the extra high level of contaminants….

…but today, pure clean water!  I swear it even looks bluer than before 🙂  Here are some pictures of the crew hard at work on Saturday….THANKS SO MUCH FOR TAKING CARE OF THE KIDS AT COLEGIO ESPERANZA!!!

If you would like more info on Trash Water visit their website:

Hat Tip:  Tom Siepel, thanks for making this happen.

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