Valentine’s day Tea Party….

We had some Valentine’s day fun last week.  Krista had a rose for each of our kiddos and did some fun decorations for them.   Later in the day we had a “Day of Love” tea party at gramma’s house with everyone and Gigi.  The kids loved the heart cake and Gigi’s jello….along with their tea of course…which they all refilled several times.  Krista and I settled later in the evening for a nice candle lit dinner….we put a movie on, ordered a local pizza, lit the candles and had our own little romantic dinner.  Simple but it was actually really nice for us.  We hope you all had fun on Valentines Day too!!!

Krista’s mom put together flower boguets too for all the girls at Casa Havilah to make their Valentines Day special.  Brinson and our friend Tom Siepel delivered the flowers and took all of them out to a special dinner too, which was really an awesome idea!  Here is the story from Tom’s blog.

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