Aliyah dancing at church…

We go to a great church here in Nicaragua called Verbo.  If you have ever attended church here with us you know the worship is lively and exciting.  Lots of upbeat music with people singing loud and dancing (my type of setting…like a football game, but for Jesus!).  We love being a part of this church here, even though we don’t usually make it through the entire service with our gang.

Every once in a while they would have a group of girls leading worship with dance and flags.  Aliyah mentioned how much she like them, so Krista talked with the lady in charge of the group and Aliyah joined with her Aunts Hazel, Hopey, Johana & Yolanda.  They love it and the woman in charge teaches them alot on the meaning of worship and that attitude of prayer and adoration of God during worship in song and dance.  It is awesome.

Well the weekend after Juliette was born was a weekend they were going to help lead worship.  We were going to stay home with the baby from church, but Mema was here to help and so we took Aliyah to church so she could participate.  It is really awesome.            A little tear jerking for a father 🙂

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  1. I have been here on a mission trip with First United Methodist Church Houston tx. This is an awesome church where the Holy Spirit breathes! God bless!

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