We miss Mema…

Mema (Chris’s mom) came down a month ago to be here for Juliette’s birth.  She left yesterday, and we are all sad 🙁  Mema was so awesome to have here for all of the kiddos and for us even more.  We couldn’t have made it without you!  Now I (Chris) am going to have to carry his load around here…..hahahaha…..but really it was invaluable to have her here!  It was so great spending time together too!  We’re already ready for the next visit 🙂

Mema took us to the Zoo and the Butterfly Garden while she was here.  The butterfly garden is awesome….literally like thousands of butterflies.  So we found which plants they were using, and when we got home Mema, Aliyah & Mason went out and found the plant here on our property.   They found the Passion vine and it had caterpillars on it.  So they picked it and we built our own mini butterfly garden!

Here is their butterfly garden and below are some pictures of the butterflies inside.  Two are still caterpillars and three of them have made cocoons  (in the one picture it is hard to tell the cocoon from the dry leaf…I guess they do that on purpose!).  Pretty cool!


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