Christian Persecution in Iran…

This sticky note has been on our computer for nearly a year now.  When we first heard the story of Youcef Nadarkhani we began to pray for him.  Our kids all prayed for him too….almost every night one of them would remember him.  We would always hear the Buzbee kids talking about him too and how he was in jail just because he was a Christian….Aliyah would always tell us Hazel is praying for pastor Joseph.

Praise God he is free from prison now!!!

From Baptist Message Online, Fox News, and Huffington Post

He wrote a letter of thanks that can be viewed here in full…very encouraging!

  Youcef Nadarkhani was jailed only because of his Christian faith and nothing else.  His family heritage was Muslim so since he left the religion of Islam he was considered an Apostate by the Iranian Regime and the sentence for Apostasy is death.

We need to keep praying for all of the Christians who are persecuted only because of their faith in Iran and in other parts of the world!  Here is a news article that talks about the Christians who are still in jail in Iran.

Pray Christians.  Pray.

We are going to leave the sticky note up and keep praying.

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