Extreme Makeover Club Esperanza Edition…

IMG_1993   Earlier this summer we had a wonderful group come down from Tallahassee and go to work at Club Esperanza while all the children were away on their Summer vacations.  Their idea was to do a complete makeover of the Club’s Academic building…painting all the walls, changing color schemes, putting up new wall art, building custom play sets for specified play areas, etc…  All with the hopes that the children and staff would have a HUGE surprise when they got back to school….you know, that “Move That Bus” experience 🙂

IMG_1988 IMG_2002 IMG_2012 IMG_1996

Well, it definitely worked and the Club looks so beautiful with its new makeover and of course all the kids loved it…it was hard to pull them away from all their new fun play areas!  Even better than that, was how much the teachers appreciated their newly painted and decorated rooms as well as all the teaching materials, portable radios and shelving units they each received in their classrooms.  As anyone who is a teacher can attest to, to have help revamping your classroom is a Huge blessing!  And then to see all the little play units which are so cute….the crew that custom made the kids play areas were so impressive!

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Thank you all for your help friends from Tally….what a huge blessing!!!

Club Esperanza operates because of the generosity many different people uniting to see the Lord’s good work in the lives of His little ones!

Thank you for all of your help and God Bless!

If you would like to help financially please visit our donation information page.

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