Summer Family Fun…

We had a great full summer with lots of visitors and enjoyed every  bit of it.  God is so good and we love to be a part of what He is doing here in Nicaragua!  We also had some family fun and wanted to post some photos from the last few months 🙂  The Murrays spent the summer down here sooooooo, it was cousin time!  Our kids loved being able to run around with Cobbie and play with Adelyn all summer….everyone did…they sure are cute!

IMG_2319  IMG_2323

IMG_2316 IMG_2317 IMG_2318

Aunt Ebi came down too to work with her medical teams.  She took the two little princesses on a shopping excursion….Bella was waiting and waiting and waiting for Aunt Ebi to come and take her shoe shopping 🙂

  IMG_2308  IMG_2283

Mason discovered frogs and a whole bunch of nasty critters seemed to invade our house this summer….it has been a wild ride in that department!  This little dustpan full of friends all happened in one evening in our kitchen!

IMG_2225 IMG_2315

Aliyah has become quite the little artista and she loves using all the painting supplies she got for her birthday.  Mason and Bella worked on their medical future by wrapping Bella’s foot in duct tape.  They did this early one morning after they went climbing on the dorm roofs and she cut her foot LOL!  It was a funny surprise when Mommy and Daddy woke up (sort of).

IMG_2321 IMG_2320

Isabella’s pin says “Ya se leer”….she can read!!!  The other little cutie was learning shapes and got her brother and sisters to help her make a star 🙂

IMG_2207 IMG_2322

We also got to do something really fun with the kids and go see the Hipica in Managua.  We didn’t let the rain deter and got downtown to watch hundreds of horses trot by along the city streets.  All of the most beautiful horses from Managua make their appearance for this annual event.  It was really cool!

IMG_2309 IMG_2313

IMG_2311And here as the summer was coming to a close Mr. Paul came down with a group of friends from Oregon.  Mr. Paul owns a barber shop in Eugene and he is a pro.  He offered to give Mason a new trim to get him ready for football season…It came out really cool!!!

Thank you again so much for your continued prayers for our family…we love knowing that we have a great group of people that check in on us, pray for us, care for us and support us!  We hope that your fall begins well. 

Love, Los Farringtons

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