Walakitang Update from the Rio Coco…

IMG_2285  We had a really nice meeting with Pastor Victor here in Managua last week.  It was brief because Victor is preparing to guide a team from Verbo Church to Walakitang.  These trips are very intense in the logistical sense as well as being a grueling two to three day journey.  He was having to go ahead of the team to secure a boat for the river as well as check to see the conditions on the river.  There is the possibility of an extra two to three hours by land if the river is running really dry.  Victor makes huge personal sacrifices to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his home community in Walakitang as well as other villages along the Rio Coco.  When you pray for Nicaragua please pray for this man of God.  Ask that the Lord’s presence would go with him protecting him from sin and death, but even more that the Lord would show himself in powerful ways through miracles, healing, and a tangible touchable feeling of God’s presence.  There is nothing more beautiful than someone feeling the presence of God in their lives for the first time and drawing them towards salvation in Jesus.  

    The teams on their way to Walakitang are going to be bringing medical relief in the first part of the month and then later another team will come and do Biblical training.  Next month in October a group will be installing solar panels in the different communities along the river.  There is a great work ahead so please be praying for all of it as well!  All of this is happening under the leadership of Verbo’s regional pastor from Puerta Cabezas, Earl Bouy.  The partnership with Verbo Church (a local non denominational network of churches) has been so important to keep this work going.  

   We were able to give Pastor Victor a very cool gift for members of the church in Walakitang during this visit.  In the picture above you can see the little red contraptions.  They are actually solar powered hand held audio Bibles.  There is a huge thirst for having a copy of the Bible here in Nicaragua and these little devices will be a huge blessing to those who receive them.  Our experience in distributing these audio Bibles is that everyone loves them, but they are especially beneficial to those who are illiterate.  Because of the remote location of Walakitang there are many who cannot read.  We were very excited to be able to get these into Victor’s hands, and he was excited about being able to distribute them.  (Special thanks to Mrs. Mary Register for getting these Bibles donated).

   Again please continue to pray for Walakitang.  These next few months please be specifically praying for Pastor Victor personally and also the missions teams making their way along the river.  Thank you!

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