Casa Robles & Casa Havilah: Merry Christmas Party…


We had a really fun end of the year Christmas celebration with Casa Robles and Casa Havilah last week.  Being together playing games, eating dinner and exchanging gifts is just a fun time.  It is amazing how a little game like Bocce Ball becomes a huge hit with tons of kids around!  We had some special gifts sent from the states too, which made everyone’s night!  Over the Christmas holidays all of the kiddos will be visiting with their families, so we ask that you would pray for each one during the visits!

Merry Christmas from our extended expanded family here in Nicaragua!!!

We also want to take a second to thank you for your support of these homes and recognize some of their accomplishments.  As you may remember, this year we took a step of faith and enrolled the boys from Casa Robles in a private school of top caliber here in Nicaragua.  They didn’t skip a beat, once again totally dominated on their school work.  All of them on the honor roll and Freder receiving a special medal as the top of his class!  Praise Jesus for this!  It is a great testimony to Mama Angelica and Papa Yuri and their tireless work as house parents.  The fruit of their labor is in the hearts of these young boys.

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