Casa Havilah: Sweet 16!

A very special Happy 16th birthday to Maria Elena!!!


Brinson, Mr. & Mrs. Buzbee, and Maria Elena’s parents took her out to a very nice dinner for her birthday last weekend.  It is such a special time in her life and we are all so blessed to be a part of it!  We are praying for greatness for her and immeasurable blessings!

As she is growing older, there continues to be a very sweet joy and peace in Maria Elena’s life.  We are really hoping that she is able grow up into the fullness of her potential at Havilah and be a star here in Nicaragua.  She has so much going for her and we are dreaming big!  Would you please pray for her in these later teenage years?  There are so many “things of this world” that will fight for her attention in the years to come.  We want to cover her in prayer and fight with her for God’s good things…Maria Elena is awesome!!!  If you have met her on a visit down here, you would agree! 😀

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