Unrest in Nicaragua…(cont.)

**This is a new post to try and keep things easier to follow.  Click here for our previous post if you would like to catch up on how things started two weeks ago…

Please keep praying for Nicaragua.  The unrest continues as the country is trying to move forward after the violent crackdown by the government on protests led to dozens of deaths.  We believe that God can do miracles and we are asking for peace, justice and truth in Nicaragua…Peaceful non violent changes, justice for the families who had loved ones killed, and truth to be told about the atrocities.

Update Monday May 7, 2018:


The above picture captures the situation best for me.  Here are seven university students who marched in a small group last week hoping to arrive at the National Assembly building to protest the oppressive actions and deaths of over 30 of their fellow University students.  They were blocked by hundreds of riot police in full gear (there is another line of riot police further down the road out of view of the picture).  It is the perfect example of the oppressive and excessive tactics being used to stop any civil peaceful protests.  Interestingly one of the giant pictures of President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo (his wife) lingers in the background.

In general the last week has been calm and non violent.  The people have continued to march and protest as the country tries to organize a National Dialogue for peace.  President Daniel Ortega has called for the dialogue.  The people are having a hard time embracing the supposed dialogue when there has been no justice for the dozens killed by Ortega’s police force.  The Catholic Church has shown incredible leadership in trying to mediate and initiate peaceful change in the country through the dialogue.

One non violent form of protest has been to paint the colors of the Nicaraguan flag on street posts and street corners.  This is a very common practice during election years, which are not for another three years.  In some cases the people are painting over places where Sandanistas have painted the red and black colors of the Sandanista Political Party during the last decade of power.  Sadly, even this completely non violent form of protest is being stopped by the Ortega regime.  But the marches have continued…


Unfortunately, last night the Riot Police and pro government agitators clashed with protesters in the town of Masaya.  There had been three straight days of peaceful marches and motorcycle caravans in the town.  They were growing in size and last night it seems Ortega ordered them to be stopped.  It turned violent quickly as rocks were thrown and the police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.  The reports are only coming out today, but it is tense in that town and people are once again angry about not being able to protest and march peacefully.

So please keep praying for Nicaragua!  Peace, Justice and Truth.

This video done by an American Journalist who has run a paper called “The Nicaraguan Dispatch” for years…it’s a summary of what has been happening.

Personally, our family is doing fine and we are continuing our ministry work at Club Esperanza, the rescue homes, Ruby Ranch, hosting teams that come to help and living our daily life of home schooling our kiddos and the normal things.  We are keeping our eye on the news and I probably visit 100% Noticias facebook page dozens of times a day just to keep up on the news.  We also continue to pray.  Today is Monday and we fast on Mondays as a ministry.  We are focusing these days of prayer and fasting on the continued unrest here…please join us if you can.

Keep praying for Peace, Justice and Truth.  Peaceful changes can happen…Lord we ask for that in Jesus’ name!

International News Links:  New York Times, CBS (with video), Pacific Standard, BBC

Spanish Language Local Newspaper:  La Prensa, El Nuevo Diario

Update Monday May 14th:


This past week the unrest has continued in Nicaragua.  The photo above is beautiful, it is from the March last Wednesday.  We continue to pray for Nicaragua and ask Jesus to bring Peace, Justice and Truth.  We believe that God can do miracles and end this conflict without any more violence.  Please specifically pray for that today.

You can see from the video above that last week on Wednesday their was a huge peaceful march that occupied entire city blocks in downtown Managua.  It was pretty incredible to see and Praise the Lord it was peaceful.  It was really something incredible.

Unfortunately later in the week their were clashes in the town of Masaya between police and protesters.  It seems like their has not been a decision to just let the people protest nation wide.  There was a death in those clashes and several buildings were burned.

Yesterday their were still protests and the people are targeting the metal trees that were installed as a symbol of the Ortega presidency over that last decade.  But the good news is that this morning the news is reporting that the Nicaraguan government is going to all the International Human Rights Commission into the country to do an independent investigation into the deaths and casualties from the past month.  Also there are talks that the National Dialogue will begin today.

We are praying this week brings some resolve and things can change in Nicaragua peacefully with no more violence.  Thank you for praying with us!

Our families are doing well and our ministry sites are still operating.  We had to close school early a couple days last week at Club Esperanza, and today we are canceling classes waiting to see what happens with the National Dialogue.  This past week we also had a team in town with The Ohran family who moved to Nicaragua last year to work with Ruby Ranch.  They worked all week at Ruby Ranch and were a big blessing there!  We are chugging along in the midst of things and just taking extra precautions to avoid protests.  We appreciate all of your prayers for our families and the friends we work with here!

International Links:  BBC, Al Jazeera (with video report), Christian Science Monitor

The video link below is very informative and up to date….

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  2. Thanks for your diligent updates, Farrington family. Your news is so appreciated. …Susie (Jamie Baron’s mom: Dexter, Oregon)

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