Food Pack Delivery: Los Brasiles


We made another delivery of “Emergency Food Packs” this past week.  This time to the community of Los Brasiles and our staff at Club Cristiano Los Brasiles.  It was a special time, especially because we were able to have some friends in town for the weekend to help deliver the packs.  Mission For Nicaragua teams had to cancel their summer trips because of the country’s deadly political crisis.  Cancelling the trips was a heart breaking time for our friend Hilary and the teams that she and her husband Jack lead to Nicaragua year round.  Nicaragua still isn’t stable enough for large teams, but this weekend Hilary was able to make the trip with her close friend and team member Kristina to make the delivery.  Los Brasiles is a community that Mission For Nicaragua have adopted and they have some beautiful relationships there.  They are also strong supporters of Club Los Brasiles, so like I said it was a very special delivery!


We packed up our Land Cruiser Ambulances and made our way to Club Los Brasiles on Sunday afternoon.  Not only did we share the packs with teachers and staff there, but also with a local Pastor and a few families that Hilary has developed relationships with over the years.  It was emotional to be together and we made sure to spend some time praying for Nicaragua.  Everyone is so exhausted from the months of violence.  But, we are trusting God to be the one who will put everything back in order and re-establish peace here.


Driving around with Hilary and Kristina to deliver the packs was a fun experience.  Lots of people happy to see them and lots of hugs and smiles on the dirt roads of Los Brasiles.  In spite of all that is going on, there is a joy in people’s heart and a spirit of friendship and love when they get to see someone they didn’t think they would see for a long time.


Being able to provide these Emergency Food Packs with over two weeks worth of food for all these families is a Huge blessing to be a part of.  Thank you to everyone who has helped!  We plan to deliver as many of these as possible so if you would like to donate a pack, you still can!  We will be visiting Calvary Chapel Managua and another ministry sight later this week.  We are looking forward to it, Amen.


Emergency Provision Pack

Provide two weeks worth of food for a family of six in the event of a food shortage.


“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” -Psalms 46:1


On a fun football side note to this trip, Kristina brought a bunch of Ohio State University t-shirts.  If you know me you know this is the last place you would ever see Ohio State gear, but this is a very special circumstance!  Kristina’s son Harry is a highly regarded football recruit and he loves Nicaragua.  He planned to announce his commitment to play football for Ohio State this summer but couldn’t because of the trip’s cancelation.  Harry wanted to make sure all his little buddies got their shirts so Kristina brought them down this weekend.  He had a football game so he wasn’t able to make this trip either.  It was a fun delivery and all the kids had fun rockin’ their new swag!  And for any of you Buckeye fans out there, you are probably the only ones who like these pictures LOL!  Congrats to Harry and Kristina, he is a great young man and a great athlete…but the best part is he loves Jesus and loves the things God is doing here in Nicaragua!  


247 Sports did a good article about Harry and Mission For Nicaragua after the trip, click here to read the article.

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