Prayer for Nicaragua…

Nicaragua is still going through a deadly crisis that has claimed over 300 lives in less than four months. Please keep praying for Nicaragua…

This is not a picture of Nicaragua. It is a portrait from American History, but it has given me hope and has led me to pray for Nicaragua in a specific way. We visited D.C. two years ago and the young intern from Marco Rubio’s office gave us a incredible tour of the Capital. We came to the rotunda and he pointed at this giant painting and said “This is when America was born.”

I don’t believe The United States is God’s country, not by any means. But 240 years of democratic elections and a change of power every 4 or 8 years is incredible. It is miraculous. Even more so in light of what we are living through today in Nicaragua.

Back to the painting. The young man certainly caught my attention with that line, but first he went through the other dozen or so enormous paintings hanging in the rotunda that depict America’s history and beginnings. I waited patiently for him to return to explain the painting of George Washington.

“This is the moment the nation was born” he said again. General George Washington had led the Continental Armies to victory in the Revolutionary War. As a nation was being born there was a clamoring for Washington to lead. Do you notice the red royal robe on the seat behind Washington in the picture? It looks like a thrown, and that is exactly what the people were clamoring for. You led us to Victory! Now be our King! George Washington was being offered all the power of being a King as well as all the riches that would come with it.

The portrait depicts what happened next. Do you see the papers in his hand? He came before Congress and instead of accepting a crowning as King of this new nation, George Washington turned in his letters of resignation and retired to his farm in Mount Vernon with his wife and family. It was a miraculous moment. When a man is offered all the power and money one could ever imagine, he decided instead to resign and not accept it. And 240 years later the nation is still a free nation because of that incredible moment when a Man of God decided not to accept such a great temptation.

Power and wealth are a temptation that few can resist. It takes a miraculous moment and I have little doubt that when all the people witnessed this moment, or heard about it, it caused a cosmic shift. The truths of God are evidenced in this story. A humble rejection of power and wealth for the benefit of the entire nation is at the foundation of US history. It is what has allowed that type of government to endure. Many bad things happened in American history, but it is still an incredible country especially for those of my age (40 in October) who have suffered very little in our life time. You don’t realize until you leave what a miracle it is, that a country would last so many years changing presidents every four or eight years. It is incredible and it was berthed by an Act of Valor at the very beginning.

So as I pray and cry for Nicaragua. I am asking God to raise up men and women who will not seek power and wealth but who would seek to berth a nation again like George Washington did. Our current leader came to power with ideals that toppled a dictator, but the temptation of power and wealth took him and he has become the same dictator he fought against. And we are in a bad place because of it. Please keep praying for Nicaragua.

Jesus you make nations rise and fall and we trust your hand on Nicaragua. So many are crying out and praying everyday for peace and truth and justice. Lord I ask you to make a cosmic shift in this land and bother those who have power now. Bother them Lord and convict them to set aside their personal power and their personal wealth so that the people in Nicaragua can be free. Lord help us to live everyday like that and please heal this nation. Amen.

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