Ruby Ranch: Fundraiser to fix the Slide!


By far the best highlight of any trip out to Ruby Ranch is when the GIANT slide down the side of the hill that opens in the afternoon!  It is so much fun and such a cool thing to be able to do in a country that does not have water parks.  Well…the slide has a hole, or two or maybe three after so many years of fun!  Can you help fix the slide?

Repairing the slide is going to cost $2,800

Click here for info to donate by Check, using PayPal or through the National Christian Foundation  (leave a note: “Ruby Ranch Slide”)

Looking forward to keeping future slippin’ and slidin’ at the Double R!!!

Thank You!

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2 Comments on “Ruby Ranch: Fundraiser to fix the Slide!

  1. I gave to the fund for the wheelchair for the older gentleman, but never saw a follow up telling if you got enough collected to help him. Could you let me know? Thanks

    Steve Isgitt


    • Hi Steve….yes thank you so very much! We had an quick update on our Facebook page and should have got it transferred here! I’ll share a little more info than the FB post. Don Julio actually was hospitalized in the ICU after we wrote, but we were able to provide medical supplies to him while in the hospital (hospitals have limits on diapers and such here), then thankfully he was released and we were able to give him the new wheelchair! Even more encouraging, a friend visited him with one of our teachers Roberto and after a sweet time of prayer he was up and taking a few steps and his countenance changed which was so great to see. It was like the Lord’s presence lifted his spirits in a very noticeable way. Amen! So thank you so much for your help!!!

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