Casa Robles…how’s it been going?

It has been a while since we have blogged about our Boy’s rescue home Casa Robles so we thought we would give a little Monday update on how things have been going. We had visitors!!! The Clouds came to visit with Andrew and Angel from Tally. It was such a great fun time…even the ride from the airport was exciting! It had been two years since the boys had been back, so this was a really special time together for all of us! We visited family, hung out together, did sleep overs, and Mason had a blast hangin with all the boys. And for our family personally we loved having a visit from the Clouds!

We even had a Mariachi band LOL!!! We actually celebrated Mama Angelica’s birthday together which was super special! Dancing, singing, some tears….and cake! The Buzbees always go all out and this was no exception…Papa Yuri even donned the sombrero for the picture.

Denis has been competing in Track and Field as part of his High School team. It was hard to give up soccer but the track coach saw real potential in him. He recently won the gold medal in the 600 meter race at the national competition. It was pretty awesome! He was recognized by the school in their local paper…..AND he is traveling to Honduras later this month to represent Nicaragua!!! So so awesome!

Samuel who is now the youngest in the home is a total rock star at school! He runs through saying high to everyone, being wild with all the teachers, and even when he gets in trouble it is hard to not laugh at him with his big smiling cheeks and serious little voice. He and his brother Elery have adjusted well to Robles and God is healing them physically, emotionally and spiritually in a home filled with Love and family. Samuel was a worm in the school play LOL!

Fredder is back from Virginia this summer. He had a very good year of school and is back speaking English very well, which is so cool! Unfortunately it did not work out for him to return to Virginia to complete his high school. So, if you would please pray with us to see what might be next for Fredder! He has been a great help this summer and was even able to work a little as a translator with our missions teams. God is working in his life in good times and in hard times and we absolutely know that God has big plans for him!

We appreciate all of your continued prayers for the boys and for Papa Yuri and Mama Angelica too! It is a great and impactful work happening in these boys lives and our prayer always is that they will grow to be good young Godly men! Thank you for your support of Casa Robles!

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