Crazy Rains! Losing roads, losing land…

It has been a heavy rainy season and we had a flash flood the other day that did some serious damage here in our neighborhood where we live.  We had about ten inches of rain in three hours and it wreaked some serious havoc!  Our entrance road was flooded during the rain while Krista was out…so she couldn’t even get home.  All of the neighbors worked together to fixed the hole in the road that was left after the rain subsided, and then we were to get in and out again.  It was wild!  Our road is in desperate need of repair…it will be a huge project, but is something we are asking the Lord for!

The good news is that we had some rubble from a construction project we were doing on our kitchen.  We went out with our guys here at Quinta Havilah and did some temporary patching on the worst parts.  Now normal small cars can make it to our house again and not just four wheel drive vehicles…it has been crazy!


Then there was more bad news…the power went out in the middle of the storm for five hours and caused some damage to our water pump that feeds all of Quinta Havilah with our house, the Buzbees, Gigi and all the team housing.  No bueno…it was a crazy day!!!  This pump will need to be fix as well 🙁


And then if it couldn’t get any worse, once the rain was gone and we took some time to inspect the property the next morning we realized….Houston we have a problem!  The “dry river bed” behind our house had turned into a raging river.  We walked up to our back fence and the land was gone…the fence was hanging in the air!


It was crazy….you can see from the picture I took down there with Aliyah and Isabella, the bank is now nearly 20 feet high and our fence is hanging in the air.  We lost a huge chunk of land…crazy!  We laid some sheets of tin over the hole on the other side…but you can see that the kids play ground may be a little bit off limits for a while!


Soooo, it is just another curve ball that happens in life.  But, we keep walking forward with the Lord and are most thankful that we are all ok.  But like I said it was a crazy day!!!  I didn’t get any pictures of the flooding INSIDE of our house because we were too busy sweeping the water out!  Just one of those days.

We are working on getting cost estimates to make all of the repairs, unfortunately these are going to be big expensive projects.  Mr. B is working with some engineers on the back of the land and the road to get the best idea of how to fix things.

If you would like to help please email us and we will send you info as it comes…

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Thank you for your concern and care for our family and all of the people we work with in ministry here in Nicaragua.  The rains have picked up again and the rainy season doesn’t really end until the end of October usually.  So we are praying for NO MORE FLASH FLOODS!  Please pray with us!

Love, The Farringtons


This video below is of our “dry river bed” about a half mile further North where there is a crossing for vehicles.  This van had just dropped off all of the students it was transporting and was heading back to its school….thankfully nobody was hurt, but you can see the destruction this flash flood brought.  You may not be able to tell but this is one of the big 17 passenger vans…scary and crazy!

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