Club Esperanza: Some Dentistry Love!


A very big thank you to our friends from Pennsylvania who came to the club to put together a dental clinic!  There were huge efforts made to get the team into the country and not just be present but also be ready to do the best job they could.  Dental care is an extra for most people in Nicaragua.  It costs extra money that most don’t have, and it often loses priority to other health needs.

This team was an incredible blessing the neighborhood we serve at Club Esperanza!  They came with excellence…it is often an easier solution to just pull a tooth.  But this team didn’t want to pull teeth if they were able to save them.  So, they made the extra efforts to have all the supplies and equipment to do fillings.  That made this clinic top notch!  It was a fun weekend too!

The relief brought by a dentist to someone’s life that is dealing with a bad tooth is probably worth a million bucks for that person.  If you have ever had a tooth ache you know exactly what that is like.  There was lots of relief this weekend!

I do want to add some funny comic relief here though.  The end of the day is relief.  But the moment you first sit in the dental chair….well that is not full of many smiles LOL!  Pictures tell the story a little better….look at those faces!!!

We can’t wait to have you all back again at the club!  Thank you again to the entire team from Hearts, Hands and Smiles!

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