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We had a really fun time together as a family on Father’s Day.  Krista and the kiddos took me to a fancy restaurant here in Managua (we were happy to discover was open!).  I am a very blessed man to be married to someone who I love and admire and respect and is actually my favorite person on earth AND to have four children that are so awesome, each in their particular and special way!  Even though COVID is trying to keep us down we pushed out and had a great time together for Father’s Day!  And as the next picture shows you….we didn’t have to eat with the masks on!


Earlier this week I did an interview with our home church in Miami, Christ Journey Church.  I will put the link down at the end.  There were a couple of reflections I made that I didn’t expect when we started the interview…

“What is the best part of COVID?” is what our missions pastor John asked as we waited for people to join the live chat.  At first I was like whoa that is a tough one…but quickly I realized it is that picture right there up above.  If nothing else, I think this virus is pushing our families closer and closer together.  We already home schooled our kids, but grew to appreciate this time with them even more.  Life is going to pass us all bye and eternity with Jesus is going to be a wholly different experience I am sure.  No more suffering and no more pain.  So when life throws a curve ball like COVID, how blessed we can all be to grow deeper with our nuclear family and closest friends.  In these days, this is such a blessing!  And I know some have really struggled with the isolation in this time…so we also make sure to visit and call our family and friends who are in different places around the world with less family close by.

The second question Pastor John asked was “Can you describe 2020 in three words?”  The best I could come up with was “Not Over Yet.”  And when I said that my heart and my spirit was 100% exclaiming that IT IS GOING TO GET BETTER!  That is what I am praying and asking the Lord to do.  I am asking the Lord to make the second half of 2020 so much better than the first half of the year.  So much better that the joys of this second half of the year will make us forget the sorrows of the first half!

Lean into Jesus in this time, expect him to be your Savior now more than ever.  Read the Gospel of John in the Bible.  Ask the Lord specifically for every one of your burdens to be lifted.  Thank God for each day you have.  Bless the people you are walking through life with!  Life is Beautiful!  (it is a great movie too…watch it in quarantine if you haven’t already seen it, “La Vita é Bella” in Italian)

We love and appreciate each of you that pray for us and support our family financially!

God Bless from Nicaragua,

Chris Farrington

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