Club Esperanza: Back to School (with masks…and more!)


We really love our teachers and staff at Club Esperanza.  They are an incredible group of women and men who love Jesus and love people…with all they have!  It has been a very hard time during this COVID pandemic.  About one third of our staff actually had the virus and many of the families in the neighborhood we serve were infected.  Teacher Roberto was the worse affected, but Praise Jesus he is well again!  On top of the risk of catching the virus we had to close things down which was incredibly hard.  Getting phone calls from families in need, missing the daily meals, the quality education, seeing teachers and friends that love them.  It has been hard on everyone.  This is a calling for our teachers and it has been so hard for them to be sitting at home waiting.  But, we will be opening again soon!  Praise the Lord!

Please be in prayer for Club Esperanza in this time!

…and if you want to support Club Esperanza financially that would be a huge help too!  Specifically, we need laptop computers to help facilitate education during the pandemic!  We found a local distributor that can get us HP laptops for $390.


Click here for info on how you can donate…Thank You!

As we prepare for the children to return to class, our teachers prepared this excellent video to share with our parents on social media.  (click here to view if video does not load).  The park near our school has free wifi, and EVERYONE has facebook in Nicaragua.  So our innovative teachers pulled this together….social distance, masks, and more! 🙂

Our teachers also went through a seminar on preparations to return to class.  They covered all the topics of safety with the virus.  But also, and almost more importantly, they addressed the psychological state that some of the children may be in.  We have our hearts ready and willing to help.  We are asking the Lord to really be present and meet the emotional and spiritual needs of the families we serve.


Lastly, we want to share this beautiful little picture!  Our feeding program is up and running and that is a huge amen!  Most of the phone calls in need of help over the past few months have been about hunger.  So, we say amen to this awesome way we are able to serve!  We do need your prayers though.  Our main partner in country that financially supports our “comedor” is dealing with a government audit and has paused funding.  Please pray for a fast resolution to this!  We have two more weeks supply of food and if it is not resolved we will have to find another source of funding in the mean time.  So please please pray!  We serve over 280 children every day.

God is in control and God is Good!  

Thank you for your love and care for Club Esperanza,

Chris & Krista



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