Hurricanes Eta Update: Devastation – Nov.9

We were able to make contact with Pastor Earl over the weekend. Hurricane Eta has left severe devastation in Puerto Cabezas. The church is now a refuge for 600 people left homeless and Earl estimates that at least 3000 homes have been destroyed by the storm. Earl reported that on the same small road as his church there are another 700 refugees in a shelter. It is an incredibly difficult time as people are only now able to survey the damage and assess what has been lost. Waters were still rising in some villages along the coast and many houses are still completely submerged. People have lost everything!

We are going to do whatever we can to provide immediate relief and this is the time that you can donate to help make a difference. These initial donations will go towards providing shelter and food for thousands of refugees in the immediate aftermath of the Hurricane. Pastor Earl is working tirelessly to provide for everyone in Puerto Cabezas and we are also sending aid down the Rio Coco to Pastor Victor in Walakitang.

We sent $2,500 on faith on Friday and that is being used already to distribute food relief in Puerto Cabezas and to seven villages along the Rio Coco as far as Walakitang!

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for immediate aid!

You can click here to donate by check or use the donation buttons below…Please Help!!!

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As donations come in we are coordinating here in Managua to load up large trucks with Food, Medicine and clothing. We will fill the trucks and then make the 14 hour drive over to Puerto Cabezas to deliver the relief. We will spend time in Puerto Cabezas to help in any way we can but also pray with those that have lost so much, minister to them and do everything we can to bring some joy in a time of sorrow. So, please donate now so we can get supplies loaded up and ready to ship ASAP. We will start loading tomorrow some donations that a local business has already given. We will leave as soon as the river ferry opens back up when the flood waters recede. Thank you for joining us in the effort! Pray for everyone affected by this storm!

“God is our shelter and our strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” -Psalms 46:1

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