Another Hurricane Hitting Nicaragua…

Hello family and friends, we are getting hit by another Hurricane. Hurricane Iota made landfall last night in nearly the exact same spot that Hurricane Eta hit only two weeks ago. Please pray for Nicaragua and our friends in Puerto Cabezas and along the Rio Coco.

We were able to make our trip to Puerto Cabezas on Friday and delivered a first round of aid we wrote about in our previous blog post. But, as we were assessing damage in the Miskito villages of Karata and WawaBar the evacuations were beginning for Iota. We were able to safely evacuate on Sunday and made it back to Managua. We do plan to write a full blog post about that trip and future plans to aid and assist the areas affected by ETA.

But right now we ask for your prayers. Iota hit as a Category 5 storm. This morning I know the people in Puerto Cabezas and the surrounding areas are waking up to severe destruction. We have not heard yet from Pastor Earl. So, we pray and ask the Lord to have spared life and that the only losses are material losses. Amen. We can all work together to rebuild and help…but protection of life is the focus of our prayers right now!

We are safe in Managua with our family. We are currently under Tropical Storm conditions. Also, please pray that this storm moves on so that flooding and landslides do not become a major issue.

We love you and so appreciate all of your prayers and support!

Chris & Krista

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4 Comments on “Another Hurricane Hitting Nicaragua…

  1. Dang, when it rains, it pours! Literally! You guys have been through the wringer these past two weeks šŸ™ We’re praying for everyone.

  2. Are you guys still accepting aid donations for those affected by the hurricanes?

    • Hi Samantha, yes you can donate through the donation links and mention Hurricane Relief. We are actually heading out in the morning with 18,000 lbs of food and 400 sheets of tin and other donations. It is going to be a long recovery…we will try to get more blog posts up! It is a busy time…thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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