Casa Robles: Fun from the states…

Whenever we come home from the United States we always try to bring some fun back! We got to spend a little time with the boys from Casa Robles last week and gave them their gifts….we are gonna have a big ol’ Nerf battle some time soon!!!!

We appreciate and need your continued prayers over Denis, Elery and Maryel. Some specific prayer requests…For Denis he is in University now and it has been a challenge academically, so please pray for his time management and overall encouragement not to give up. Elery and Maryel are both doing well in school (making the honor roll!) but their conduct needs our prayers…you are not supposed to take other kids snacks Maryel!!! LOL! It is sort of funny, but also not funny. Just typical boy stuff, but please do pray for these two to grow up in honesty, good behavior and kindness.

Also, your continued prayers for Mama Angelica are appreciated. She and Yuri are outstanding house parents and have really dedicated their lives to this calling. These children are their own even in some of the hardest circumstances. Angelica is a cancer survivor and walked through very difficult times over the last year and a half…so please pray for her continued healing! Ever appointment and every exam brings some fears and anxieties as I am sure those of you who are cancer survivors know.

Thanks for your love and prayers for Casa Robles!!!

If you would like more information on Casa Robles click here. Also, any donations toward this rescue home ministry are a huge help. We are entirely supported by friends and donors, amen and thank you!

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