A Special Call to Help…

This is such a fun photograph from Night to Shine here in Nicaragua a few years ago. Teresa and her daughter Connie, heading down the red carpet! Connie is a beautiful young lady wonderfully made in the Image of God and her mother Teresa is an absolute champion of a mother and friend and hard worker in ministry at Club Esperanza!

Connie is 15 years old now and her health is definitely a challenge for Teresa to handle as a single mother. But Teresa fights and pushes through daily difficulties and some of life’s hardest questions…she loves and cares for her baby girl.

Right now Teresa can really use our help. That is why I am writing. Connie just had surgery on both of her legs, and she needs her mom full time…Teresa will not be able to work while Connie recovers. Additionally they will have extra costs for medical care, doctors visits, medicine, etc…

Please consider donating to help Teresa during these two difficult months. God can use all of us to provide for all their needs, and then some! Amen!!!

We want to raise at least $1,217

That is the amount Teresa calculated to cover the costs of the medical care, nutritional needs, and time off work…but I write “at least” because I know we can do more! Anything raised above this amount we will be a huge blessing for them!

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If you want to follow up or have any questions about donating please email us at losfarringtons@gmail.com

Chris & Krista Farrington

While we keep Connie and Teresa lifted up in our prayers let’s keep this awesome worship song on in the background while we pray… “IMAGO DEI (Made in the Image of God) – Oh What a Miracle”

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  1. send 200$. Praying for them. love and hugs,Miss Mary “God is most glorified in me when I am most satisfied in Him” May you be fully satisfied in Him,

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