¡Feliz Dia De Madre!

Today is THE day in Nicaragua! Mother’s Day is so important here that all of the schools are closed and most stores close for the day…we think this is pretty awesome! And we want to recognize and celebrate Mama Angelica today. We had a great lunch out yestereday…to beat the “30 de Mayo” crowds…and had a wonderful time at Mi Vieja Managua restaurant downtown.

Angelica is such a wonderful woman of God, and more importantly a mother to dozens of boys and young men over the years. She has honored the calling on her life to serve the Lord, and God put her in the place to be a selfless and powerful influence on all the Robles Boys over the years.

It was sweet during the lunch when Maryel smiled and said his favorite thing was her cooking, and all the other boys high fived because they knew he would say that. Elery honored her with a big smile on his face saying she never gets too too mad at him, that is reserved for Maryel LOL! Denis who is in college now talked about the good counsel she gives and how patient she is with him. It was also so sweet to have Fredder in town from Matagalpa joining us for lunch. He had us tearing up reflecting on the last decade and how much he appreciates her even more now as a young man living on his own. The tough love he received, the instruction and good counsel, and the deep love she has. Fredder is going through that time that we all do, looking back and realize how blessed you were to have a Mother who loves you!

Please keep Angelica in your prayers. We love her so very much and honor her. Pray specifically for her health as a cancer survivor. There have been some signs of recurrence in recent weeks. She and Yuri are handling that head on with full faith and confidence. She will be receiving treatment every six months, and I know they would both appreciate all of our continued prayers! Total healing, in Jesus name!

Feliz Dia de Madre to all the mothers out there, those who have biological children, and those like Mama Angelica who have so many more than she could have ever given birth to herself. We bless all of you today on this Dia De Madre! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

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