Ruby Ranch: Wood shop and training center…

We have some amazing news! We’ve had an 1800 square foot wood shop donated to Ruby Ranch! The shop is fully equipped and ready to roll…we just need to move it…all the equipment, and the building! Our dream and vision for the Ranch is to be a place that has a life long impact for the Kingdom of God, this development fits right in! There are so many possibilities…can’t you see an operating shop at the Ranch, producing top quality furniture distributed all over Nicaragua, produced by the hands of young men and women coming out of poverty and creating a future for themselves? We love that dream! Discipling these young men and women is always going to be the top priority of our hearts, and we know God will take care of the rest…and we know Jesus loved carpenters!!!

Here is Krista’s brother Brinson with a short video…no that isn’t snow in the video, it is saw dust! We can only dream of snow down here LOL!

We would love to have your help to move the shop! Maybe you can make this part of your year end giving or something that is part of a legacy impact around the word…or even if you just love the idea and want to give a little…please do! Everything that happens down here is because of the generosity of people like you all around the world! Praise the Lord!

The cost to move the shop is $8,000

You can find the info for donating via check here, or use one of the buttons below…Thank you!

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