Robles: Elery is a teenager…

This past weekend we had a little pool party/video game party/birthday party…it was just a big party day! We were excited to have our Casa Robles crew over for a visit, the boys love to spend hours in the pool and then immediately play video games together! Elery’s 13th birthday gave us the excuse to get together…oh yeah we had pizza too!!!

God is so good and we are so proud of Elery. He is only thirteen but if you ever sit with him, he certainly seems wise beyond his years. He is on the honor roll every semester at school and often the top student of his class! We are thankful God brought him into our lives and are honored to be his extended family as he grows up in a home that is safe and full of God’s love.

Now since these are young men, Papa Yuri and I had to put them to work before we started to party…above is video evidence of Maryel working hard with all the other boys…he wanted to make sure Mama Angelica saw it. One of our neighbors asked for the fire wood from a tree we recently cleared…so the boys were the perfect delivery crew. They did a great job…I might have simply been the driver and supervisor LOL!

Of course when one is working outside with piles of wood you encounter some interesting creatures. We found a grub that was huge, definitely bigger than my thumb! Since we know that Toucan Sam doesn’t only eat fruit, we all decided that Elery would have to feed the grub to the Toucan for his birthday, he was a willing assistant! Watch the video at your own risk…actually it is not that gross, and pretty wild to see a toucan eat a giant grub. There is always something fun going on down here in Nicaragua!

We appreciate your prayers and support for all of the kiddos in our ministry here…God is doing great things in their lives! It is nothing that happens over night, but we are definitely committed to being involved for the long hall! To read more about Robles and support this ministry you can find more info here.

God Bless from Nicaragua!

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