Casa Robles: ¡Fiesta!

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Elery turned 9 years old on Tuesday.  Normally we try to have a little cake and party for the boys, but since it was mid week so we were gonna hold off.  Well the other Mom’s at his school told Angelica they wanted to make a part happen….TODAY!  They love Elery and Samuel at school and these mom’s are good friends with Angelica and know what she is going through in her battle with breast cancer.  So they made a party happen for Elery that day….no need to wait!

  Grab a cake, grab a piñata and grab a stick….¡FIESTA!

Have you ever taken a swing at a Piñata?  It is one the most violent birthday celebrations anyone could ever invent LOL!  But it is always comical and lots of fun to swing a stick as hard as you can at a stuffed animal that shoots out candy when it bursts open….just keep your distance because you don’t wanna get hit by the birthday boy!!!

Elery has really adjusted well to Casa Robles.  Being a part of a family where he is safe and all of his needs are taken care of has led to incredible changes in his life.  Earlier this year, when we took him and his brother Samuel in they were in really bad shape…in fact in the first round anti parasite medicine they took, you can’t imagine what came out of them…not safe for blogging!  It was sad and shocking at the same time.  God is good and God loves Elery….you can see in these two pictures what a difference Casa Robles has made in his life….you can also see the stash of candy he got from the piñata 🙂

Happy 9th Birthday big boy!!! 

Please keep praying for him as he grows and for all the boys at Casa Robles


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