Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope all of our friends and family back home are having a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! It has indeed been quite the year, with what would seem much more tragedy than good. But we LOVE this Holiday because even when times are tough, it is so important to be Thankful for all the blessings we have in our life. We hope you are enjoying those blessings this weekend too!!!

Happy Thanksgiving 2020! Love, The Farringtons

We were pretty sad that our flights home for Thanksgiving were cancelled because of Covid by American Airlines. It is our first time missing Thanksgiving at Mema’s Cabin since Aliyah was just a baby. Our internet was out all day yesterday too and we didn’t even get to do our zoom call with family! But we do trust the Lord in this time and realize there are reasons to still be here in Nicaragua serving in this difficult time of Hurricanes hitting. So we are trusting God and being thankful and ready to serve!

Krista finished up school with the kids in anticipation of traveling home. So another “silver lining” is that they are able to head down to Club Esperanza and serve more and just visit with everyone. In the middle of this pandemic we opened our feeding program up to people who are showing up hungry at the school gates. It has grown and we still have had to keep Covid protocols but are feeding almost a 100 additional people a day, mostly the elderly and children. Praise God for that! Our kiddos were down there this week helping their Aunt Hazel serve lunch. We are very thankful that our children see with their own eyes how much we all have to be thankful for…and at the same time they are able to help serve others. We praise God for that too!

We enjoyed our time together with family and friends yesterday here in Nicaragua. We had a great Thanksgiving meal together at the Buzbees. It was so nice with lots of food and drinks and little kids running everywhere…full of life and love! Then, today we took a hike with some great friends up a dormant volcano and hiked around the crater in the rain forest. Nicaragua has so many beautiful places to visit and we hope we can have friends visiting and serving with us again soon! Amen.

Prayer Request: Chris will be heading out on Monday for another trip to Puerto Cabezas to provide Hurricane Relief. He will be traveling with three others and will deliver 18,000 pounds of food, 400 sheets of roofing tin, and donations collected at Club Esperanza and elsewhere here in Managua. They will also be doing research and assessment on the water situation with our friends at Hydrologica, a well drilling company here in Managua which has also been our staging area for collecting and shipping food. As people return to their devastated communities clean water is going to be of great importance!

Among all the things we will be “doing” to bring relief, we also know that there is deep loss and devastation in this time. So, we will be ministering to people as we go, praying for them and sharing the eternal hope we all have in Jesus Christ. We want to glorify God in all that we do! Thank you for your continued prayers for these Hurricane Relief Efforts!

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